Wednesday, 19 March 2014

NEW!!! Chalkboard Writeable - MESH!

Blow-Up Chalkboard - Writable! - MESH

➩ You can see how works the Chalkboard in the Blow-Up Mainstore.
★★★★★ Enjoy the Blow-Up Chalkboard! ★★★★★

The Chalkboard is realized in MESH and use also the new specular and bump materials.
Click on the Chalkboard to set up different features:
1. Write: Open a Dialog box
2. Font: You can choose 11 different Fonts for your Text.
3. Alignment: You can change the Chalkboard Text Alignment
4. Color: You can change the Color of the Text - Board - Frame - Stand and Tray 
5. Chalkboard Settings: Shadow (Light, Medium and Dark + Shadow direction)
    Resize: Allows you to resize the Chalkboard and - Access to Chalkboard