Saturday, 24 March 2012

Blow-Up - Bunny Girl - Outfit

Hello! The *UPDATED* Blow-Up Bunny Girl Outfit is ready for you!
The outfit comes in 8 Colors! ( Black - White - Red - Blue - Green - Yellow - Pink - Purple ).
You can try all the combinations that you want, for example a red Top and Bottom with a black Corset, and mix them with the other outfit items colors (you can change everything, from the ears to the shoes). Bunny Ears, Tail, Collar, Cuffs, Ankle and Shoes have a Setup Menu enabled just clicking on the item that you want to change. You can Resize and change the Color, once you finish you can Delete the scripts to avoid the lag.
❍ The Bunny Girl Outfit included:
⚫ Corset: 8 colors
⚫ Top: 8 colors
⚫ Bottom: 8 colors
⚫ Pantyhose and Stockings: 8 colors plus tintable version
⚫ Bunny Ears: Resize Menu, Ears Color Change and Start/Stop the Ears anim
⚫ Bunny Tail: Resize Menu and Color Change.
⚫ Bunny Carrot: Resize Menu, Animation and Sound
⚫ Collar: Resize Menu and Color Change.
⚫ Cuffs: Resize Menu and Color Change.
⚫ Garters & Bunny Garters: Resize Menu and Color Change.
⚫ Ankle Straps: Resize Menu and Color Change.
⚫ Stiletto Shoes: Resize Menu, Color Change and Walk Sound Menu.
❍ Features:
✔ One script per item - No lag
✔ All sculpted objects (From the Bunny Ears to the Stiletto Shoes).
✔ Animated Bunny Ears
✔ Bunny Carrot with animation and sound
✔ Walk Sound Menu (Sound On/Off - From 10% to 100% Volume).
✔ Complete Setup Menu, every couple of objects have a single or both setup option (for instance you can change color to a single shoe or both at the same time)
✔ Three Layers (jacket, shirt, pants) for each one of the 8 outfit colors
(='.') ★★★★★ Have a Good Time with the Blow-Up Bunny Girl Outfit ! ★★★★★

Blow-Up - Bunny Girl - Outfit @ Second Life Marketplace