Saturday, 24 March 2012

Blow-Up - Happy Umbrella

Hi guys! NEW STUFF ☆✰✰★ Blow-Up - Happy Umbrella! ★✰✰☆ with ANIMATED RAIN + SNOW + CLOUD is OUT !!!
Check it out NOW in many different amazing Colors, Patterns and Fabrics!
Turn ON the bright lights and enjoy your holidays with Blow-Up Christmas Items!!!
Don't forget to wear your Blow-Up Santa Girl Outfit with a Happy Christmas Basket! ㋡
Hello! Thanks for purchasing the Blow-Up - Happy Umbrella!
Just some information to use it in easy way ^^
Click on the Umbrella to Enable the Main Menu:
- Open/Close: Open and Close the Umbrella.
- Settings: Set up different Umbrella features.
The Settings Menu contains:
1. Color Menu - Allows you to change several Umbrella parts color: Fabric - Pattern - Frame - Spring - Tip - Caps - Handle.
2. Pattern Menu - Enable and disable the Umbrella canopy pattern and choose different patterns: Hearts - Paws - Skulls - Stars - Stripes - Dots - Flowers
3. Fabric Menu - Change the Umbrella canopy fabric: Cotton - Plastic- Transparent.
4. Rain Menu: Start/Stop the Rain - Enable/Disable the Cloud - Start/Stop the sound.
5. Snow Menu: Start/Stop the Snow - Enable/Disable the Cloud - Start/Stop the sound.
☆✰✰★ Enjoy the Blow-Up - Happy Umbrella! ★✰✰☆

Blow-Up - Happy Umbrella at SL Marketplace