Friday, 23 March 2012

Blow-Up - Halloween Magic Basket

The Halloween Magic Basket package contain 2 baskets:
One for the Right Hand (Blow-Up - Halloween Magic Basket - Right Hand) and one for the Left Hand (Blow-Up - Halloween Magic Basket - Left Hand).
The Halloween Magic Basket has a Menu that allows you to set up different features:
1. Color Menu - Allows you to change the basket colors, you can change the Ribbon and Wicker color.
2. Drop Menu - Start and Stop a random Halloween items drop from the basket. The drop is a temp rezz, this action works only in the lands with rezzing or temp rez enabled.
The Halloween Magic Basket drops Skulls and Pumpkins, also Poisons like the Wicked Brew and the Vampire Blood. Sometime a Mouse run out the basket, and a Spider as well. Last but not least you should be careful to the creepy Ghosts and Bats, they will fly around you!
3. Anim Menu - Start and Stop the Animation Override of the arm. The animations random swing the basket or standing still.
4. Sound Menu - Start and Stop the Halloween Items drop sound.

Blow-Up - Halloween Magic Basket at SL Marketplace