Friday, 23 March 2012

Blow-Up - Photoboard

The Photoboard package include 2 versions:
➩ Blow-Up - Photoboard (6 Photo, 9 prims)
➩ Blow-Up - Photoboard - Note (5 Photo, 15 prims and a Note with 30 characters)
There are 4 buttons in the Photoboard Main Menu: (Photo, Color, Resize and Access) and 6 buttons in the Photoboard - Note version (Photo, Write, Fonts, Color, Resize and Access)
❍ The Photo button allows you to Add and Remove pictures on the board and to set up Gloss or Matte to the photo paper.
❍ The Add button starts to add images on the Photoboard, hold on the CTRL key on the keyboard and drag the image from the Inventory to the Photo which you prefeer on the board to add a picture.
❍ The Remove button allows you to Remove the picture currently viewed (or all) from a single Photo on the board (Left, Right, Middle Photo or Sticks) and can remove all the images in the board at the same time.
❍ The Gloss and Matte buttons will turn the Photo surface in gloss and matte.
Every time you click on a Photo on the board it show you the next picture queued. The Photoboard also show you the photos total number, the number and the name of the images currently showed.
❍ The Color Menu is used to change the Photoboard details color. You can change the color of Frame and Thumbtacks, also in the Photoboard Note version you can change the Note and the Pen color as well. Eight colors are avaiable: Black - White - Red - Blue - Green - Yellow - Pink - Purple. The Wood color is also avaiable for the Frame, and the Multicolor for the Thumbtacks too. Every time you click on the Thumbtacks Multi color button will start a different colors mix.
❍ The Resize Menu allows you to resize the Photoboard with the Resize buttons. There are three scale value widths, 1%, 5% and 10%.
- The Restore key in the Resize Menu restore the Photoboard starting size.
❍ The Access Menu allows you to decide who can use the Photoboard. The Access Menu start only with the Owner, you can enable the Group access (only the people of the same Photoboard group can use the board) or Everybody. Anyway only the Owner can Resize the Photoboard or set up the Access Menu.
There are avaiable other two options for the Photoboard Note version in the Main Menu : Write and Font.

❍ The Write button starts the Note Menu and the Photoboard listening, every time you type something in Local Chat and press Enter the text will be transmitted to the board. Press the OK button on the Note Menu to Stop the Photoboard listening .
❍ The Font button starts the Note Font Menu, where you can choose 3 Text Fonts.
➩ You can see how works the Photoboard at Blow-Up Mainstore.

Blow-Up - Photoboard at SL Marketplace