Saturday, 24 March 2012

Blow-Up - Happy Easter Basket

Hello! The Blow-Up - Happy Easter Basket is ready for you, the needful Easter accessoy for girls & boys!
Fully configurable, has lots of useful features to meet every need...
There are two versions of the basket included in the package, one for the right hand (Blow-Up - Happy Easter Basket R) and one for the left hand (Blow-Up - Happy Easter Basker L).
The Happy Easter Basket has a Menu that allow you to set up different features:
❍ Look Menu - Allow to change the looking of the basket, contains:
- Eggs Wrapping Menu - There are six kinds of wrappings for the eggs: Zig Zag - Dots - Punky - Skulls - Vintage - Sweet.
❍ Wicker Color Menu - Set the basket wicker color, there are nine colors available for each part (Red - Blue - Green - Orange - Yellow - Purple - Black - Pink - White - )
plus a natural wicker base.
❍ Ribbon Color Menu - Set the basket ribbon color, nine colors avaiable ( Red - Blue - Green - Orange - Yellow - Purple - Black - Pink - White )
The basket has total of 90 combinations of color between ribbon and wicker.
❍ Drop Menu - Start and Stop a random eggs drop from the basket, the eggs sometimes break down on the floor.
The eggs drop is a temp rezz, this action works only in the lands that allow rezzing or temp rezz.
❍ Anim Menu - Start and Stop the Animation Override on the arm. The animations randomly swing the basket or standing still.
❍ Sound Menu - Start and Stop the eggs drop and crack sound.
(='.') ★★★★★ Have a Good Time & Happy Easter! ★★★★★

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